Earn more with smart slips

Help your customers bet more by showing them their perfect slip - that's 1 tap away!

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Easy bets = more bets

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It's hard to find what to bet on. There's hundreds of matches and options, so people often give up.

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It's even harder on phones and small screens. Nobody has time to scroll that much.

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To help people bet easily, we show them games we know they'd like and give them a tailor-made slip that's 1-tap away.

It's not magic - it's data

We train a Machine Learning model on millions of bets and historic data, so it predicts what your customer will most likely bet on. The result is a custom-made smart betting slip.

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Convenience adds revenue. A lot.

We helped Meridian Bet with our solution. And they're very happy: more than 15% of people use the smart slip we recommend.

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You won't lose money!

Our model doesn't predict winning slips. It just recommends slips people are most likely to use.

Get started in seconds

To get your own smart slips, call our API.

All you need to provide is:

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A list of your current games and quotes (live bet is supported)

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(Optional) A person's last 3 bets - so we can predict tailor-made bets for them